Author: Chris


One of my favorite tent campgrounds in the northeast, Minam State Recreation Area. Photos from June 2015.


Hairy flower scarab


Fly fishing along the Wallowa River at sunset


Hairy flower scarab


Grass seed head along the Wallowa River


Riverside wildflower


Mule deer on the hoof


Momma mule deer


Young mule deer buck (also a dork … get that tongue back in yo mouth)


Sunset along the Wallowa River



Baby oil

I can only explain based on what I’ve seen firsthand, but do not claim any of the skills or expertise that are the hallmark our good friends with training in the paleontological sciences. Now that you know I lack the lexicon to completely describe the very strange and exorbitantly sad circumstances which have come to pass, I can share the…

Boom goes the oak

Our mightiest oak lost a huge chunk with no warning (in the middle of the night (in calm weather)), but utterly failed to kill our neighbors. Scraped a gutter, knocked some stuff off their walls. Luck +1. Unwilling to let them live under a cloud of worry, we made the hard, painful decision to take the whole thing down. 160-180…